Lulu’s Guest Corner is situated in the heart of Porvorim. This is a modern suburb of Panjim city which is the capital city of Goa.


Porvorim is the legislative capital of the state of Goa, India. While Porvorim is situated on the right bank (north bank) of the River Mandovi, the administrative capital Panaji (Panjim) is located on the opposite bank of the same Mandovi River. Porvorim is considered an upmarket residential & tourist hub as it lies on the prime Mumbai-Goa highway NH-17 close to Panjim city and sandwiched close by to all the popular beaches of North Goa such as Sinquerim Beach, Baga Beach, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach and Miramar Beach.

The city of Porvorim in Goa is hardly only 04kms from the state capital, Panaji (Panjim). A second city, Mapusa, also called as the Shopping city of North Goa is situated some 7 kms from Lulus Guest Corner in Porvorim.

Porvorim is one of the easily assessable villages of the 359 villages of Goa and is sufficiently modern to satisfy the needs of most tourists. Officially Porvorim is a village but it is well developed as any other town or small city because of its close proximity to Panjim (Panaji), the capital city of Goa and being bang on the National Highway 17 connecting to Maharashtra and Karnataka. Other villages close by to Porvorim and Lulus Guest Corner are Guirim, Aldona, Assanora and Thivim where the Konkan Railway has a station for tourists to alight in Goa.

There are several restaurants in Porvorim which are at a walking distance from Lulus Guest Corner, such as:

Biryani Palace  Mona Lisa Bar & Restaurant  Don Pedro's Restaurant O' Coqueiro
Casino Motels  Sanskruthi pure veg restaurant Chandrakant Restaurant  Chop sticks
Alua-Sangolda Hotel Patrao Bar & Restaurant Tapasvi Restaurant Cajueiro
Angels Restaurant Navtara Vegetarian Restaurant Picnic Restaurant & Pub  

 Attractions of Panjim whilst Staying at Lulus Guest Corner at Porvorim in Goa:

Inox Multiplex ( from Lulus Guest Corner just a few minutes away by local Goan bus )

The INOX Multiplex was built in 2004 during the International Film festival which was the first to be held in Goa. Inox is positioned near the Panjim market wherein the old Goa Medical College hospital was existing. Inox in Goa is a very large multiplex having four screens in a split A/c environment. Crowds of local Goans, Indian tourists and a multi-cultural crowd patronize the Bollywood and Hollywood movie screenings here. The feel inside the common area before one enters the main auditorium is very energetic and all the movies screened over here are supported with modern projection and acoustic systems having Dolby Digital sound system. More information about Inox Multiplexes at

Kala Academy ( from Lulus Guest Corner just 10 minutes’ drive away )

The Kala Academy is located in the Panjim city which is just 04 kms away from Lulus Guest Corner, Porvorim. The institute of Kala Academy in Goa was erected in 1969; the main motto of this cultural Institute over the years had been promoting art, culture, social, musical & educational programmes all over the states. Goa Kala Academy is a major attraction in daily life of Panjimites (local residents) and pride of Goa and Goans. Kala Academy in Goa is interestingly located on the banks of Mandovi river bang on the main road going to popular tourist destination Dona Paula.

This Kala Academy plays a very significant part in encouraging, supporting and sponsoring Goan traditional folk music all over state, in fact Kala Academy has identified 27 folk dances forms of Goa, which are now promoted by Goa Kala Academy and performed mostly in public.

International Film Festival of India has been organized at Kala Academy since 2004 till date in Goa. Tourists holidaying in Goa too love this place as it has a huge shaded area to rest & relax, have its own open air canteen, toilet facilities, theatre, vast green lawns, mini lighthouse, garden seats facing the Arabian Sea and a romantic wooden ferry wharf.

Miramar Beach ( from Lulus Guest Corner only 6 kms away )

The golden sands of Miramar beach beckon the guests living at the guest house of Lulus Guest  Corner at Porvorim. Miramar Beach of Goa is situated exactly 07 kms from the Porvorim Guest House    of Lulus. Guests from Lulus Guest Corner in Porvorim can decide to see beautiful sunsets on Miramar beach. They can sit beside a river, Mandovi River and at the same time soak in Goan sun on the most visited beach of Goa that is Miramar beach. It was also earlier known as Gaspar Dias Beach. The Goan beach of Miramar has soft sands occupied by a thick grove of shady palms, facing the blue Arabian Sea and forming a dense canopy over the beach area. Lots of Goan and Indian street food stalls can be found all around this beach.

Casino Royale Goa ( any taxi will take you there from Lulus Guest Corner )

Casino Royale is the largest floating Casino in Goa. It is definitely the classiest. It has a gaming floor dedicated to all table games, and slots, a poker room exclusively for poker. It also has an entire dining floor with food catered by China Garden. There is live entertainment daily on the dining floor and on the sundeck (during non-monsoon months) of the ship. More information at

Gallery Gitanjali

In the quaint historic quarter of Fontainhas, this Inimitable Gitanjali Gallery displays Indigenous yet fashionable art along with vintage furniture and antique collectables. Glance through art collections & paintings as you taste your espresso at the cafe housed in the Gallery. For more information on Gallery Gitanjali please visit

Panjim Heritage Walk ( just one local bus distance away from Lulus Guest Corner )

A walk down memory lane! Starts at Tobacco Square, The Casa De Moeda (Mint House), The Tobacco house, meanders through the ward of Sao Tome, through Corte de Oeteiro to the Catholic dominated precinct of Fontainhas, Chapel Of Saint Sebastian, Welcome heritage Panjim Pousada (a restored 100 year old Hindu home), Welcome heritage The Panjim Inn (an over 100 year old Catholic home, also a heritage hostelry) and finally through the Hindu dominated ward of Mala culminating at Fonte Phoenix.

Santa Monica Boat Cruises ( in the heart of Panjim city only 4 kms from Lulus Guest Corner )

Santa Monica, the luxury launch services operated by Goa Tourist Development Corporation (GTDC), will take you on an exciting trip every evening on river Mandovi. Around 200 people can take a trip together and enjoy the various live cultural entertainment programmes. Choices of Cruises are Sun Set Cruise, Sun down Cruise, Full Moon Cruise etc.

Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Panjim Church

This is one of the most photographed churches of Goa. Every visitor and tourist loves to get oneself photographed with this huge white washed structure in the backdrop. The Panjim church is originally built on the slopes of a hillside, hence the many steps to approach the church’s entrance. Built way back in 1541, it claims to be the first church of Goa and still loved by one and all by its easy accessibility bang in the city of Panjim. Around the Panjim church its neighbors are the Secretariat building, Jama Masjid and the Mahalaxmi Temple close by. This church feast is celebrated every year on the 08th of December, during which a fair embraces all the streets leading towards this ancient & magnificent church. This, Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church is the one that people get a brief glimpse of in many Bollywood Movies.


At Fontainhas you will get a glimpse of the real Panjim as it existed during the Portuguese rule. Leaving the broad roads, you will enter the narrow alley ways of Fontainhas. Old villas, and crumbling buildings, with walls painted with every color under the sun: red, yellow, green, blue: dazzling and a sight for sore eyes surely! If you’re in Goa, take some time off from the beaches and discover this quaint and beautiful quarter of pre historic Panjim. Most of our guests living at Lulus Guest Corner love to go on quite evening walks along these narrow lanes of Fontainhas.


Altinho meaning high is a hilly neighborhood of Panaji, the state capital of India's smallest state Goa. Over here one will find the State's chief minister's residence and the Archbishop's palace located here. Although Altinho is a residential area, it is a home to Panaji's All India Radio station.  Some educational institutes sit on the high perch of this hillock overlooking the Panjim plane and the serene Goan vista. Red earth lines of pathways netted in the green sprawl of the lush vegetation with the tall palm fronds brushing the azure sky. Worth a visit to see Panjim city from the height of a hill. Spectacular views guaranteed.

Facilities Around Porvorim whilst Staying at Lulus Guest Corner at Porvorim in Goa:

O’ Coqueiro Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Started by Lucio Miranda and Christovao Pinto way back in 1968 as bar and restaurant, the Coquerio restaurant in Alto Porvorim, Goa, India is just 7 kilometers to the north from the capital city of Panjim on the National Highway 17, half way to Mapusa. Famous for Goan and Portuguese food cuisine. Also became in famous for the place where Charles Sobhraj was arrested by Mumbai Police.

Norbert’s Fitness Studio

Norbert's Fitness Studio (NFS) is a high-tech gym housing all fitness equipment you would ever wish for under a single roof, now at Porvorim very close to Lulus Guest Corner and opposite Picnic Restaurant. However, more than the equipment, it is the programmes on offer at NFS and the excellent Fitness Trainers who make it their sole responsibility to help each member achieve their fitness goals that attracts hordes to NFS.

Navtara Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

A famous chain of restaurants providing hygienic and pure vegetarian food that is a class in its own. Older restaurants that are famous in Goa can be found at Panjim Main Market next to Poshak Showroom. Another Navtara restaurant is at Mapusa and the latest and new branch to open is very close to Lulus Guest Corner at Porvorim bang opposite Angels Resort. This vegetarian restaurant is just a 3 minutes walking distance from Lulu’s Guest House.


Shree Amreekarnath Temple

This is a modern day temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Hindu guests living at Lulus Guest Corner while on an exploring trip of the neighborhood of Porvorim and its environs do pay a casual or spiritual visit to this temple, especially if you are a devotee of Lord Shiva.

Chodankar Hospital

This is a nursing home and research center in short popular as Chodankar Hospital. This is one of the many hospitals that dot the neighborhood of Porvorim. More information at

Cuts N Colors Beauty Parlor

This is a unisex beauty parlor attending to all the beauty treatment requirements of most men and women. Centrally located on the Porvorim main road and is easily accessible within a walking distance from Lulus Guest Corner.

Bakers Street
This restaurant and take away place is a Bakers delight. Situated very close and at a stone's throw distance from Lulus Guest Corner in Porvorim. Bakers Street baked products place is just immediately after Navtara Vegetarian Restaurant on the same Porvorim - Calangute Road also called as CHOGM road. Walk in for different types Breads, Rolls, Ready to eat Pizzas, Muffins, Variety of Cakes, such as dry cakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, fruit cakes, xmass cakes, fast food snacks such as Buns, Tarts, Puffs, Patties, Coissants, Hot dogs, pastries, spring rolls, Garlic bread, cookies and  biscuits.

Maple Leaf Supermarket
Located right on the Road that goes towards Lulus Guest Corner this standardized supermarket is a very good place for shopping for your daily grocery needs. Address of Maple Leaf Supermarket with phone numbers : Mimosa' Opp. Angels Resort, Chogm Road, Alto Porvorim, Bardez - Goa Tel: +91 832 6454099, Mob: 9822122396 / 9225901648. Maples is the Supermarket for all your daily needs, having large range in stock, Modern airy ambiance, Hygienic with well trained staff to assist you to shop.



Wine Palace
Kaju Palace